Club Information

Club Mission Statement

To provide a family feel Football Club to the Ripley Valley community and surrounding areas by encouraging and supporting maximum community participation, to deliver quality grassroots football development and opportunities.

Club Motto - Respect. Community. Pride

Club Formation

The Club was formed in early 2018, following the confirmation that construction was to commence on the South Ripley Sports Fields in the Providence Ripley housing estate. Initial meetings were held in February 2018 to garner interest and a motion was passed to hold an inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March 2018. The Club Committee was elected at the AGM and has since moved quickly to establish itself in order to take advantage of the completion of the South Ripley Sports Fields, now named Ironbark Park as an asset of the Ipswich City Council.

Club Governance

The Club's primary Governing Body is Football Brisbane, which falls under Football Queensland as part of the National Football Federation Australia (FFA).

The Club is an incorporated association under the Office of Fair Trading as part of the Queensland Government. An incorporated association must inherently be a not-for-profit association.
All incorporated associations must have a written set of operating rules. This is also known as the association’s Constitution which in the Club's case has been based on the 'model rules' made available by the Office of Fair Trading.
The Club makes use of Ironbark Park as its home grounds for training and games. This park is owned and operated by the Ipswich City Council and the Club makes use of the facility under permit issued by Council.

Club Insurance

Players that are propoerly registered with the Club are automatically insured for personal injury under the FFA National Insurance Programme. Whilst the programme provides basic levels of cover for players and others participating in football activities, it is not all encompassing and does not seek to replace the need for private health and other insurances.

Find out more about the Insurance Programme on the FFA Website

RVFC Public Liability Cover hosted/org/298/docs/434de822/Certificate%20of%20Currency%202021.pdf

Club Playing Formats

The Club hosts a number of playing formats including:

MiniRoos Kick-Off - An introductory football program for ages 4 through 9

MiniRoos Juniors - A program that includes competitive matches for ages 5 through 11

Football Brisbane Under 12s - The entry level junior competition in the Brisbane region

Football Brisbane Capital/City League - The senior (16+) competition in the Brisbane region

Parents are encouraged to undertake a short, free, online training course to ensure the best outcomes for all players.

Club Policies and Code of Conduct

The Club has a number of policies and codes of conduct that must be adhered to by all applicable parties. These policies and codes of conduct have been developed by the national body Football Federation Australia (FFA), the local body Football Brisbane (FB), and by the Club itself (RVFC). The following is a complete list of the policies and codes of conduct that will be provided along with this Handbook. Acceptance of these policies is required during registration through the Club's online registration system.

There are also a number of Position Descriptions (PDs) relevant to these policies that have been developed by the Club with two in particular relevant to volunteers, being Juniors Coach and Parent Helper as discussed under Coaching above.

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