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Last updated 3 Jun 2024


Please confirm with the club prior to registering - Unless approved all registrations are CLOSED

Important 2024 Registration Information

For 2024, players will need to complete and pay fees for their registration in TWO separate steps:

STEP 1 - Registration with Ripley Valley FC directly via our Majestri website, via the link above, where the balance of your fees will be paid, or you can apply for other payment options. No Deposit is required at this stage.

- After this process you will be directed to a registration link for SQUADI.

STEP 2 - Registering in the Squadi platform is mandatory with Football Queensland. This is where governing body Fees will be paid to cover Football Australia and Football Queensland affiliation and insurance costs. 

These fees must be paid in full and upfront to be eligible to play in 2024. These Fees do vary in cost across Miniroos, Junior Divisional and Senior playing groups due to different costs associated with operation these programs.


 - Play Football registration is not required for 2024.

- Parents wishing to Volunteer as a Coach for a Miniroos Team should contact for a Discount Code to use during registration to receive the 50% discount on Fees.

How to Create an Account and Register with Squadi

1. Click on the link provided at the end of the Majestri Registration Process, or open Squadi in the app or website

2. If you do not have a Squadi profile, select Create User Profile and create a new profile.
3. Log into:
a. Squadi APP and select 'More' (bottom right) and 'Register Profile' OR
b. SquadiWEBSITE and select the 'Action' button (top right) and 'Register'.
4. If new player (player is not in Squadi), select 'New Participant Registration' and register player. Otherwise select the player.
5. Confirm/update Participant Details for player, select 'Next'.
6. Select 'Find a Competition', start typing 'Ripley' into Organisation Name and select Ripley Valley Football Club.
7. Select the relevant competition, relevant Membership Details (usually Outdoor Player) and Registration Age Group (where required), noting:
- U6 to U11 is 'Miniroos', and
- U12 is 'Outdoor Player - Junior'.
8. Select 'Add Competition and Membership'.
9. Update Additional Personal Information and select 'Add Competition and Membership'.
11. Confirm/update Your Details.
12. Accept Terms and Conditions and select 'Continue'.
13. Select a payment option under Secure Payment Options, enter details requested and select 'Submit'.
14. A summary of the registration will appear, click the 'X' in the top left corner to finish.
15. If registration was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • U13 and U14 Divisional Teams (Born in 2011 and 2010) are not part of the usual "Miniroos" program most parents would be familiar with. U13 and U14 Games are typically played on SATURDAYS ORSUNDAYS however could be rostered anytime from Friday evening through to Sunday. U13 and U14 are also competitive leagues and requires commitment from players to attend both Training and Away Games. Please take this into consideration before registering your Player

  • Birth Year - Playing Group for 2024 - Please read the FAQ's page for variations to this.

U6 - 2018
U7 - 2017
U8 - 2016
U9 - 2015
U10 - 2014
U11 - 2013
U12 - 2012
U13 - 2011
U14 - 2010

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